You could try and represent yourself in a separation or divorce proceeding. But would you really want to take a risk with something so important? Divorce lawyers are experts in dealing with these matters. They handle dozens of cases every year. Here are seven reasons to consider hiring a divorce lawyer.

1. Representing yourself is usually a bad idea

There are very few situations where being your own legal counsel is a good idea. Family court judges are a little more lenient but they will not tolerate delays while you look for the documents that you were supposed to have ready. If they get annoyed, your case and your arguments might be weakened.

2. They know the law

Divorce lawyers have the training and experience to make your case seem fair and reasonable to any family court judge. Normally, that is all they do, and that gives them a familiarity with both the laws and regulations as well as the justices who preside over the proceedings.

3. They are not emotionally committed

This is likely a very emotional time for everyone involved. That’s what makes having a good divorce lawyer so helpful in these stressful times. They work for you, but are not as emotionally involved or engaged as you or your spouse. That could help defuse tension and leas to a better solution,

4. They deal with the paperwork

There is a mountain of paperwork involved in formal separation or divorce. Collecting the necessary information and completing all the forms takes time and energy that you may not have. Your divorce lawyer knows what to do and guides you in this part of the process. They ensure that you do not make a mistake that could cost you later on.

5. You want to get the best deal

Your divorce lawyer will help you get the best deal possible in a very difficult situation. They know how to negotiate on your behalf and how to reach compromise and agreement with the other side. There is always some give and take and they help you give as little, and get as much. as possible.

6. You have to protect your interests

The other side, your soon to be former spouse will likely have legal representation so you need someone on your side to protect your interests. Your divorce lawyer will present with you with all of the available options and choices and together you will craft a plan that protects you and your interest in court.

7. It will cost you less in the long run

Even though you will have to pay for legal representation, you could end up paying a lot more in alimony or support payments without a divorce lawyer. Think of them as your agent. They work on your behalf and in your interest. Without someone on your side you could end up losing a lot more than you bargained for. Even your home.