Once you make the decision to move to another country, your next goal should be to make the process as smooth and quick as possible. Immigration applications can be hard to understand, overly technical, and extremely detailed. While there’s no law that says you have to hire an immigration lawyer to immigrate to Canada, it is a great idea to consider. Read on to learn six ways an immigration lawyer can help you with your application to become a Canadian citizen.

1. Understand Regulations and Permits

Depending on the reasons and circumstances of your immigration to Canada, your application process could be very technical, detailed, and drawn-out. There will be standards you must meet, regulations you have to follow, and permits you have to be eligible for. One advantage of working with an immigration lawyer is that they will know all of these standards, regulations, and permits, and can help you fill out the paperwork so you have better chances of being approved.

2. Know Your Options

There are a number of options for people wanting to immigrate to Canada, Just a few might be skilled workers, permanent residence, business immigration, family sponsorship, and studying in Canada. An immigration lawyer knows all of the available options and can explain which option would be best for your circumstance.

3. Avoid Mistakes

When a person submits an immigration application, if the immigration officer has any questions or you make a mistake, the application is sent back for clarification. Then you send it back with corrections or might have to fill out a whole new application. This can delay the process by years if it happens many times, which happens quite often. An immigration lawyer knows how to accurately complete the application so that you can avoid the back-and-forth time that otherwise would be added to your immigration process.

4. Look out for Your Best Interests

One of the most important benefits of working with an immigration lawyer is that he or she has your best interests at heart. You will always have someone on your side, who is willing to fight for your application and immigration to be approved. This is a long and difficult process so when you work with an immigration lawyer, you can rest assured knowing you aren’t alone.

5. Know the Rules

The process doesn’t stop when your application gets approved. There are many rules you have to follow and steps you have to take in order to ensure your stay or transition to citizenship is legal and goes as smoothly as possible. Immigration lawyers will work with you and help you follow the rules so that your permits are not revoked and to help prevent you from being deported.

6. Improve Your Chances

An immigration lawyer on your side will vastly improve your chances of having your application approved. Because a lawyer who specializes in immigration law knows the rules to follow, the proper option for you and your family, and how to make sure the application is filled out properly and without errors, your application could be favoured by the immigration office, making it move through the channels faster than someone who decides to do the application process on their own.

If you or a loved one wants to immigrate to Canada to live permanently, work, or study, contact an immigration lawyer today for a consultation. An experienced and qualified Canadian immigration lawyer will help you get your immigration application approved.