Marketing recruiters play an important role in helping companies and corporations find the creative talent they need for their advertising, digital and public relations work. They team top talent with the right business so that both can succeed and prosper. Almost every type of business and organization needs this marketing talent to tell their story and sell their products to the world. This is especially true for companies in sales, marketing and public relations. They need expert talent to create their marketing and advertising products to showcase the work of their clients and customers.

1. Technical Assessments

Today they use the usual range of tools and techniques that recruiters in other fields have developed and mastered. But with so much recruiting happening through social media and online the game of finding top talent has dramatically changed. Many marketing recruiters offer a suite of technical evaluations and screening mechanisms to allow for a full assessment of candidates from the very beginning of the process. That allows them to screen in only the best potential candidates for interviews and follow-ups and ensures that only the best make it into see their new organization.

There are also a number of different ways to work with a marketing recruiter in order to find the creative talent you need. They are often called retained recruiting, contingency recruiting, and contract staffing services. Each are especially designed and developed in cooperation with the client to assist in meeting their specific staffing and hiring needs.

2. Contingency recruiting

Contingency recruiting works by having the marketing recruiter screen and evaluate the best candidates for a certain position. This type of recruiting is effective when a company wants to pay only when the process is complete and the new hire is on board. It is also particularly efficient when it comes to staffing processes for managers or top level positions that are sometimes much harder to find and take longer to complete.

The tools used in this form of staffing might include personality testing, background checks and verification of references and educational credentials. Job searchers never pay when they sign up for contingency recruiting services, and contingency recruiting firms are paid upon the successful hiring of a proposed job applicant.

3. Retained recruiting

Retained recruiting is the faster way to find top creative talent. It works by having the marketing recruiter charge an upfront fee to gain the commitment of the client to the process. Then the search begins with the recruiter working on an exclusive basis to find the right candidate to fill a vacancy within the agreed upon timeline. They identify a small number of candidates who are rigorously screened before being interviewed and the client gets to make their choice.

This type of recruiting is not inexpensive, and the client may have to pay the recruiter as much as half of the first year’s salary of the successful candidate.

4. Contract staffing services

A marketing recruiter will often also work with their client on a contract service basis. This means that will find and pay the marketing professional to work for a company and collect a percentage in fees from the individual as well as a recruiting bonus from the client or customers.

Many marketing recruiting firms retain a pool of qualified candidates who prefer to work on a part-time, seasonal or temporary basis. This allows the clients to take advantage of this pool to meet spikes in seasonal workloads, get access to specialized professionals, or lower their overall operating costs by having these professionals for only the period they need them.