Moving can be a real hassle sometimes. So much that you may probably feel that it’s better if you just do things yourself. That way you don’t have to deal with hiring a moving company and micromanaging the movers. While that’s understandable, it really isn’t as true or logical as you may think.

In fact, there are some pretty significant risks that come along with moving by yourself that simply aren’t worth it and are actually fixed by hiring a moving service.

1. Time Consumption

It takes so much time to move things on your own. Unless you are a professional mover yourself, you more than likely do not have the proper knowledge nor the skill to do a better job than a professional. Plus, you lack the equipment that they would have, and those tools can make many jobs much, much easier and quicker for everyone involved.

You would also have to hire some amateurs to help you, which may even be slower than just hiring some pros. While they do say that if you want something done properly, then you need to do it yourself, that doesn’t exactly apply when you aren’t the best person for the job.

2. Expenses

It is true that hiring a service can be pretty pricey. However, DIY moving can be far more expensive when you think about it. When you factor in truck rental, packaging supplies, gas cost, and the potential for uninsured damage to your personal belongings, the bill that you write yourself can easily go far higher than the one that a moving service would hand you.

3. Damaged Items

When you move, you’re transporting your most valuable belongings. That’s a pretty significant job. It’s all the things that you will surround yourself in your new home, the items that you are attached to for various reasons. Now, ask yourself if you really trust yourself to safely transport those items.

They must be awfully important, but what would you do if a mistake led to many of the objects becoming damaged or permanently lost? The worst part would be that the only person to hold responsible would be yourself. At least if something is damaged with a moving company, you have someone to lay the blame with.

4. Property Damage

It is incredibly easy to damage property while moving furniture, especially if you are not used to doing so. Scuffed floors, broken windows, damaged walls, all of these are possible when dealing with distracted, untrained movers. Naturally, it is possible for all of those things to happen with professionals, it will be far less likely.

Plus, most moving companies offer to insure you for any damage that may occur when in their care. That little extra blanket of protection never hurts to have around, after all.

5. Personal Injury

Professional movers know what they’re doing and know what to expect, this includes knowledge about how not to hurt themselves in your house. When you are attempting to move heavy furniture, however, you put yourself in some very real danger that may just leave you in a far worse shape than you were already in.

It’s just far safer to leave the heavy lifting to the professionals, as they can do things quickly and safely. That alone is worth the price of the service and the extra hassle of having to hire professional movers.