If you own a pizza restaurant, you are bound to be inundated with calls for pizza delivery. You need to make sure that the pizzas are delivered to your customers in good shape and that it’s nice and hot. If you don’t, chances are that you’ll lose some valuable business.

You cannot afford for this to happen, so you need to get some good pizza bags that are reliable, will do the job effectively and keep your customers happy and coming back for more. Here are some of the best tips when choosing pizza bags for your restaurant.

1. Size

This is a very important consideration. The size of the pizza bag has to be just right. If the bag is too large, there is the strong possibility of the pizza sliding around and getting damaged. It doesn’t even have to be terribly damaged; if things start getting dislodged, it could end up getting a little messy and your customers won’t be too impressed. Look at the largest pizza box you have and then consider the dimensions you require. If this size can be accommodated, then the chances of a smooth delivery are greatly increased.

2. Insulation

You will need to consider the amount of insulation of the pizza bags. Pizza bags with good insulation help to make sure that the pizzas are delivered to your customers nice and hot. If it’s just a 2-minute drive, you have no worries, but sometimes, the drive can be almost half an hour. You need to make sure that the pizzas stay nice and hot for as long as possible. For this reason, try not to buy bags that are cheaper, since it could affect business. Cheaper bags may not be as well-insulated. If you deliver pizzas that are just warm (or worse), you can expect complaints and possibly returns. You can also kiss these customers goodbye. Don’t even open up this can of worms; spend a little more on good pizza bags and totally avoid these hassles.

3. Functions & Features

Some of the modern pizza bags come with various accessories and perks such as nylon stitching that’s stain-resistant. Sometimes, subtle things can make all the difference in the whole delivery process. When you decide to invest in these bags, you may come across reinforced handles or straps, removable padding, ID windows to store orders and receipts and grommets to allow moisture to escape. Consider many factors and see what is important for your business.

4. Style

Do you have a company logo, or is your company associated with a specific colour? Consider getting a bag to match your company colours. Some pizza bag companies will allow you to customize your bag so that it highlights your company’s logo and colours.

5. Cleanliness

When you use these pizza bags over time, they are bound to get a little dirty and even stained. They’ll have to be washed but it is not a good idea to throw them in a washing machine. Doing this could damage the insulation. It would be better to fill a sink with warm water and wash them by hand. Consider this point as you look for the ideal pizza bags to serve your needs.