When shipping an item, there are usually two common objectives and they are that the item reaches the destination on time and undamaged. While the first goal can be tricky because it can involve outside factors beyond your control, you do have significant influence over the latter and can take steps to giving your item the best chance of reaching its destination safely.

This includes choosing appropriate packaging and corrugated cardboard boxes are usually the best choice in guaranteeing your shipped items are safe en route to its destination. Whether you are shipping domestically or internationally, below are only some of the advantages of choosing corrugated cardboard packaging.

1. Protective

Corrugated cardboard boxes are popular in shipping processes because of how effective they can protect items. These types of boxes are made from paper and designed to be lightweight but strong. The boxes themselves are composed of flutes, S-shaped arches that make up the cardboard itself. These flutes provide reinforcement to the box and provide protection against moisture and sudden temperature changes.

Boxes with additional coatings that are flame or shock resistant can also be purchased for added protection. Therefore, your item will be safe from any elements that cause damage while in transit to the destination.

2. Versatility

When shipping an item, you want packaging that will fit your item as best as possible to prevent damages and minimize delivery costs. Corrugated packaging comes in many different shapes and sizes, guaranteeing that you will find one best suited to your needs. The flutes in a box can be manufactured in all thicknesses and strengths allowing you to choose a box based on the contents. For instance, if you are shipping a fragile item, you can choose a box with thicker flutes that provide maximum protection for your shipment.

It is crucial that you choose a box that minimizes extra space when packed to reduce the chances of the item sliding around and eventually breaking.

3. Cost effective

When shipping an item it is common to attempt to reduce your costs as much as possible. Corrugated cardboard boxes are an attractive option because they are reasonably priced. Because the boxes are made from raw materials, they are relatively inexpensive compared to other options available and can often be bought in bulk quantities.

Corrugated cardboard boxes allow a sender to save significantly on shipping because they are so light and thin.

4. Eco-friendly

Using corrugated cardboard boxes for your shipping needs will allow you to employ eco-friendly practices in a world where reusing and recycling materials is considered paramount. The boxes are made of raw recycled materials such as cartons and old newspaper and no harmful chemicals are used during the manufacturing process. If you receive any shipments that are packaged using corrugated cardboard boxes, they can be easily reused for an item that you need to ship or can be recycled.

The use of corrugated cardboard boxes will allow your operations or business to contribute to a safer environment and be considered more eco-friendly, a quality considered extremely desirable to consumers alike.

5. Printing capabilities

Corrugated cardboard boxes are manufactured with very smooth surfaces that allow you to attach labels to them or order them with the printing of your choice. This provides an effective marketing strategy, allowing you to print logos, slogans, or words of thanks that will be viewed by recipients of your items.

Any design can be printed on a corrugated cardboard box and will add a personal touch to your packaging that will resonate with the recipient and make them feel special and valued.