You enjoy hosting friends, colleagues, and family members for parties but are running out of ideas regarding how to keep your guests entertained. After doing some research, you settling on installing an outdoor pizza oven.

While this is a great idea, there are many different ovens available for purchase and many factors need to be taken into account before settling on one specific model. Below are some of these factors and being conscious of them will guarantee you get the one you need.

1. Size

The area where your pizza oven will be located will largely drive which model you choose. One that is too big will drastically reduce the area that remains for you and your guests to visit. This may result in accidents and people not having enough room to enjoy themselves.

Before settling on a pizza oven you are considering measure the area where it will be installed. Then measure the actual oven in its entirety. This will give you a good idea of how it will fit and whether or not it will dominate the space too much. Remember that the oven will be extremely hot when in use so there should be ample space to maneuver around it.

2. Amount of people

As a host, you would be upset and disappointed that guests are not enjoying themselves because they are having to wait on their food and as a result are hungry. You want everyone to be able to enjoy the meals that you prepare in a timely manner.

When considering an outdoor pizza oven, be conscious of the amount of guests you normally have over. If you usually have many, obviously a pizza oven that is able to cook many at once would be the best choice. If you usually only host a handful of people, you can probably get away with a smaller model which will also save you money.

3. Fuel source

There are a wide variety of outdoor pizza ovens available for purchase and different types offer different fuel sources. Therefore, you need to figure out which one will work for you in terms of availability and cost.

Pizza ovens offer fuel sources such as wood, gas, charcoal, and electricity. While wood, charcoal, and electricity are usually readily available, you may have to spend some money installing a new gas line to fuel your pizza oven. Also take into account the taste you prefer in a pizza as fuel sources can affect this. For example, wood-fueled ovens bake pizzas with an old-fashioned, unique flavour enjoyed by most people. If you prefer convenience over taste, consider a gas oven that gets hotter quicker.

4. Material

Pizza ovens are available in many different materials. The material that an oven is made of will definitely affect the price and efficiency of it. For example, ovens made out of terra cotta, brick, or clay can be more expensive due to how efficient they cook pizza and the labour that goes into building them. Stainless steel and aluminum are usually more cost-effective in comparison.

Each material that pizza ovens are made out of offer different efficiencies, fuel sources, and cooking times. Therefore you need to do your research before settling on one specific type. You would be disappointed to find that the one you choose is not able to meet your needs because you did not do your homework on it.

5. Installation

When you have a pizza oven you want to be able to cook in an efficient and safe manner. As a result, you need to be mindful of installation processes.

Whether you choose an electric pizza oven or a gas, charcoal, or wood-fired oven enclosed in brick, stone, clay, or any other material, it needs to be safe for people to sue, have proper smoke ventilation, and air flow. Not only will not having these lead to disappointing cooking results, it could threaten the health and safety of your home and guests.