High temperature sleeving, also known as firesleeve, is a covering that effectively protects hoses, cables, and wires from extreme temperatures. Composed of high-quality fiberglass coated with silicone rubber, firesleeve has proven to be an effective product.

Many industries that need to protect components secured to machinery and vehicles have made firesleeve coating an essential requirement to their workplace environments. There are many reasons why this product has grown in popularity over the years.

1. Continuous protection

The obvious reason why many industries have turned to using firesleeve is its ability to provide continuous protection to vital components. The firesleeve itself is non-flammable and self-extinguishing, able to withstand temperatures up to 260 degrees Celsius. Not only can the firesleeve protect from heat or flame, it can also keep components from being damaged by hydraulic fluids, fuels, molten splashes, and lubricating oils with temperatures up to 1200 degrees Celsius.

Firesleeve is extremely resistant to abrasion, meaning it can be used in environments with lots of moving components and outside elements are not able to damage anything contained within it.

2. Versatile

Firesleeve coverings owe a lot of their popularity to the fact that it can be used for many components across all industries. No matter what a company’s needs are, firesleeve coverings come in all sizes to guarantee that it will fit the part that needs protection. The elasticity of the covering will increase the chances of it providing a perfect fit. They can also be custom-made in rare instances where a generic covering will not fit.

Due to the firesleeve’s versatility, the product is used in many different industries such as transportation (automotive, railroad, marine), construction, agriculture, and mining where the protection of different parts on vehicles or machinery could mean the difference between flawless operations and work interruptions until the component affected is repaired.

3. Safety

Not only will firesleeve coverings protect the hoses on apparatuses that keep a company in operation, they can also protect the employees that work with them. Even if the covering is exposed to extreme temperature, the silicone rubber of the firesleeve dissipates heat and prevents it from burning through. As a result, employees will be less vulnerable to injuries such as blisters or burns. This is especially key when parts are in continuous motion and become hot to the touch.

By covering them with firesleeve, employees are safe from burns in the event they come in accidental contact with them. Molten materials such as aluminum or steel is not able to stick to the firesleeve, instead beading up and running off before it has the opportunity to heat up the covering. The firesleeve coverings, if requested, can be dyed a colour specified by the company that will draw attention to the dangers of coming into contact with the component contained by the covering. This will confirm that employees are well aware and take precautions when in the vicinity. 

4. Reduces costs

Providing firesleeve protection to components is an effective way for a business to save on costs. The covering is able to keep heat away from components but is also quite efficient in keeping energy in. This product provides an effective method to keep parts insulated, maximizing a company’s energy usage and preventing additional costs caused by wasted energy. Lines meant to be hot will be kept hot and cool lines will be kept cool.

Firesleeve will keep all vital parts of equipment safe from elements that could cause significant damage, allowing a company to save money that would otherwise be spent on replacing components or lost due to a service interruption. As stated, firesleeve also protects personnel from parts that could cause injuries if left unprotected. This will result in less workplace insurance claims and time off for injured employees.