A progressive and innovative company will know that by using mobile forms, their business will be more efficient, save time and money as well. It’s also a way of going green, so it shows that you’re responsible when it comes to the environment as well. Paper forms can only do so much, but mobile forms add a new dimension that paper forms just cannot compete with. It’s a better choice for your business, yet there are companies who are still not on board and are truly missing out. Apart from easier data collection, here are some of the capabilities that make mobile forms the better choice.

1. Automation Of Data Storage

When using a paper form, there will be extra work to be performed once the form is taken back to the office. Depending on what the form is, it has to be delivered to the administration department if more parts are needed; it may have to be taken to the billing department if it happens to be a work order. There has to be someone in the office who is responsible for entering all this information manually. It becomes a tedious task, unlike with mobile forms, where data entry is automatic and immediate, saving time.

2. Analysis Of Data

Digital forms allow you to analyze the data efficiently and with greater ease. With paper forms, you’ve collected so much information only to file it away in a cabinet. Searching for ways to analyze the information within can be painstaking and time consuming. Digital forms allow the decision makers to see up-to-date information in the field so that accurate decisions can be made. It’s a more efficient way of doing things by far.

3. Dispatch

A digital solution allows the dispatch of forms in real time with important and updated information already filled in, such as a location or job information. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, there are incident forms on hand that can be filled immediately. All tasks can be done in real time which can save time and energy. Just think; with paper forms, there’s a need to pick it up and then drop it off, requiring two trips right there. Forms can also be lost or damaged. If more forms are required, there’s more traveling back and forth. That’s a lot of time down the drain, not to mention paying for gas.

4. Pre-Populated Smart Forms

When technicians fill forms out in the field, they are collecting information from the office which is a huge waste of time. With digital forms, it is already pre-populated and can be accessed via dropdowns. This saves time and prevents any manual errors. There are also built-in calculation capabilities, so that totals, subtotals, discounts and taxes are all automated. There is no more need for a calculator to figure out the correct amount.

5. Using Photos

Want to add a photo to a form? Sometimes, you need to take pictures in the field. Using paper forms, you can take a picture, use a printer and then spend loads of time later on matching pictures to the various documents. If it sounds long-winded, it’s because it is. With digital forms, just take a picture with your mobile camera and add it into the form immediately. No fuss, no mistakes, all within a blink of an eye.

Don’t waste time and work harder using paper forms, opening yourself up to making mistakes. Digital forms are the only way to go.