A strong roof keeps you and your family safe from wind, rain, snow or harmful UV rays and other potential dangers. It plays a role in the heating and cooling of your home by not letting air escape or creep in. If your roof is not strong enough, it can become a safety hazard and possibly collapse. Therefore, a roof must be stable and reliable.

Choose a roofing company that will give you more value for your money and assures you of durability through an issued warranty. The company should be experienced in all types of roofing projects from small homes to large residential buildings. Here are some of the value-added services that roofing companies provide today:

1. Professional Advice

There are many roofing companies that can offer the best roof structure or repairs, but there are few that provide dependability, after-sales service, quality advice, quality installations, affordable financing, technical expertise, overall quality assurance and warranties.

The roofing company should be able to provide advice on the right types of materials to use avoiding the wrong products or materials that result in defective roofing.

2. Technical Expertise

The team of roofing consultants should stay abreast of new development, innovative products and materials that can offer roof durability.  They are trained by the company and have the knowledge and expertise to offer the best roofing solutions. The staff inspects your current property and roof, and determine the appropriate material to suit the rest of your home’s interior and exterior areas as well as for weather conditions.

The repairs or new installation should be done right the first time. The roofing company should have Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) coverage preventing any claims.

3. Quality Assurance

Using quality materials and products are vital for the strength and durability of your roof.  There are roofing companies that compromise on the quality of products or materials to profit from their services. Don’t let this happen as your roof is your shield from the outside.

A strong, sturdy and fully functional roof should never be compromised. However, it all depends on the roofing company you choose as a trustworthy company can reduce any concerns of quality, material or durability. A roofing company that wants to make sure your roof is repaired and/or installed correctly is a company that cares. They help to reduce risk, provide qualified and technical expertise and prevent any unexpected costs that may occur in the near future.

4. Sales Support & Warranty

A roofing company should have a dedicated service department to help with issues that arise after installation, is a company that cares not just for the services they provide but also for they clients’ satisfaction and home safety.

Apart from after sales support, if a company can provide you with a warranty, you can rest assure that the materials, repair or roof installation will last a lifespan.

5. Insurance

The roofing company should carry the appropriate insurance assuring you that accidents while installing or repairing your roof, are covered. The company should be able to protect your property from damage, while installing or repairing your roof. They should be willing to clean up after their work ensuring all debris and other materials are removed from your property.

Being able to count or trust the roofing company is always difficult due to the investment. Find a company that you trust and will provide the services they promise.

6. Financing Options

Installing or repairing a roof can be expensive. If the roofing company offers financing plans that suit your budget; then you can probably afford and even consider the best materials and products for your roof.