There is no doubt that loft buildings can make amazing little apartments and they are growing in popularity. They offer a modern but quirky vibe and give a home that special touch that can be difficult to find sometimes. Lofts also have a lot of space and are usually placed in appealing locations which are a pleasure to explore.

You should not rush into renting a loft apartment however because there are some important things that should be considered. The following 4 factors are vital to think about when you are looking to rent a loft apartment before you finalize the deal.

1. Affordability of rent and utilities

While lofts give you a sense of freedom due to the spacious room and high ceilings, they do not usually come cheap. You do not only have to figure out if the rent fits into your budget, consider everything else that you will need to pay out on a monthly basis. Energy bills might be high because loft spaces can often be cold and there is also things like telephone and internet services to consider.

Do your research and figure out the costs involved before you rent your ideal loft apartment. If you are renting the apartment with a roommate this can drastically cut costs. This might be something that is worth considering if you are on a tighter budget.

2. Location

Often, but not in all cases, loft apartments have been transformed from old factory buildings that are no longer in use. If the loft you have your eye on is from an industrial property, they are usually kept away from central locations such as shops or even neighborhoods due to increased noise levels when they were factories. This type of location could be inconvenient especially if you do not drive.

Of course you might like living somewhere quieter and if so this arrangement may work for you. Not all loft apartment are in remote locations however. “Soft lofts” are basically lofts that have been created purely for people to live in. While these buildings might be in better locations, they will usually be more expensive due to their modern appearance.

3. Structure and storage

A loft apartment will be one floor and this usually means a lack of storage. You need to consider if you are alright with not having an upstairs or downstairs in your home. Everything is very out in the open so storing items is very difficult to do and you run the risk of appearing like you have a lot of clutter, even if you do not. There is no attic or basement to keep belongings that you might not need access to immediately.

If you like have a minimalistic lifestyle, then this might not be an issue for you. If you do have a lot of stuff but are still sure that you want to rent a loft apartment, perhaps you can consider keeping some items in a storage unit.

4. Amenities

With many loft apartments, there are extra amenities included in the price which are extra incentives for you to live there. This could be anything from a private pool, gym membership, doorman, and more. These amenities might mean that you can lead a happier and safer lifestyle but it may mean your rent will cost more.

Consider if you want these extras or if you are happy to rent somewhere that is pretty basic. You need to make sure that you are getting a good deal. Do not be tricked into paying more just because it has a few added extras that you do not need.