Field service has been significantly impacted by advancement in technology including the easy availability of mobile networks and devices as well the abundance of mobile apps. This technology and mobilization have also increased the level of consumerization in the world today.

In terms of technology for field service management, field service software has made a huge difference in how the industry functions. Field service software offer many advantages, including:

  • Easy scheduling
  • Work order management
  • Tasks automation
  • Customer data access
  • Stock visibility
  • Improved CRM
  • Decreased cost
  • Efficient use of time

That is why field managers and sales teams across various industries are rapidly adopting the use of field management software. These industries include telecommunications, medicine, security, heating and air conditioning and many others. It is estimated that the use of field management software results in a sales increase of approximately 12 percent in the first year.

1. Customer Retention Rate Increases

The Harvard Business Review reports that businesses can experience a very high customer retention rate with the use of field management software. Customer retention, in turn, can have a positive impact on business profits. Customer retention is one of the biggest benefits of field management software because they improve the quality of service and delivery. When service improves, customer satisfaction automatically improves which results in increased sales and greater profits.

Field management software allows you to better understand your customers’ needs and preferences and to offer them personalized services. For example, technicians can use the customer’s history and data to determine what the core issues might be and then based on this analysis, they can offer customers more improved solutions thus increasing customer satisfaction.

2. Streamline Business Operations

In addition, one of the biggest criteria for customers is to get their service when they need it. Field management software enable businesses to schedule smartly and enables them to dispatch the right technicians at the right time and place to the right customer. It also helps businesses determine whether they have the number of technicians required to cater to their customers. If not, the gap is identified and the company can work on its team accordingly.

Thus, field management software can also help with better team management.

3. A Customer Database Will Save Your Company

Field management software enables businesses to create a customer database with all necessary information including their contact information, location, and on-site equipment. This way, whenever a customer requires assistance, the software will provide the customer’s equipment service history, directions to their site, photos, videos, any related technical manuals and any other relevant details that would help the technician provide improved service in just one visit. This can save both the technicians and the customer significant hassle in first determining what went wrong where.

Everything will already be available to the technician and he simply has to move forward with the issue at hand. This is a big advantage as it can increase both the productivity of field service agents as well as make them feel more in control of the situation.