Stretch wrap is popular all over the world. We use it at home everyday but it is also a popular and effective tool in the business world. It is a good way of wrapping items and securing and unitizing them on a pallet for shipping and receiving. It’s strong and economical as well as recyclable. It can save you time and money. It helps if you partner with a supplier who can analyze your needs to offer you the best stretch wrap for your needs that is also cost-efficient.

There are several benefits to using stretch film, so let’s take a look at what these are.

1. Superior Protection

When you use industrial stretch film for your business, it offers you superior protection in many ways. When you have a heavy pallet loaded with goods, the film is able to keep everything secure and compact so that transporting it to its destination will keep items from falling. This will lead to less damaged goods and the receiver is happy. Special film can also protect items from the sun’s rays. Special film can also be used where it is opaque, so that it can be difficult to see what lies underneath. This can help prevent theft. It also keeps the goods dust-free and can keep moisture out.

2. Cost Effective

Compared to other methods such as corrugated or heat shrink film, stretch wrap is more cost effective which is important for any business. Strapping and shrink wrapping equipment also cost more than stretch wrap equipment. Other unitizing methods like shrink wrap also use more energy to operate than stretch wrap.

3. Efficiency

Stretch wrap is a very efficient material to use, since it increases packaging operation. It also helps in worker productivity and helps to improve inventory control, since it allows visual inspection. Stretch film is versatile and is also recyclable. It is also adaptable, as there are various types of film for different applications. It is also versatile, depending on the type of pallet load; it can be applied to pointed surfaces and also flat surfaces.

4. Recyclable

As mentioned, stretch wrap is also recyclable. When it arrives at your loading dock, it should be relatively clean, which means it still has a market value. You can also work with your vendors and have an understanding so that they do not use any tape or labels on the film. Let them know you are part of a recycling program. If you remove the wrap from waste streams, you can save money, otherwise, you’ll end up paying to have it removed.

5. Save Time & Money

You can learn how to effectively ship at the lowest cost per load. Stretch wrap film has come a long way and improvements in the industry mean that you can use thinner and more high-performance wrapping for your pallets. In essence, they act more like the thicker, conventional rolls. It performs the same duty without any sacrifice to the quality. You can help to reduce the weight per load. You can also used pre-stretch wrap, so you need to be aware of the different types that you have at your disposal.

Make sure to speak to the company to get the best advice for your particular business. This way, you’re always assured of using the right film and you’ll save money in doing so.