CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a platform that allows you to improve your business by improving the way you work. In the real estate industry, this can make a huge difference to you if you use CRM and others don’t. It can automate many tasks for you so that you don’t skip a beat.

Clients and potential clients are never forgotten in any way, whether it’s for a meeting or just a simple thank you note. This can be very powerful and if you’re not using real estate CRM, you will lose out to those who are. Here are some reasons why you need CRM for your real estate business.

1. Complete Organization

If you use CRM, you will stay completely organized and won’t miss a thing, otherwise, you will have to store things in filing cabinets, look through files and waste valuable time. You may miss (or be late) for meetings, lose prospective clients due to not following up, causing you to lose business. Word of mouth will spread about you and it will be negative. By centralizing all of your tasks, instead of having it in five separate places, reminders and automated tasks will keep you on top of things. It’s like having a personal assistant right by your side.

2. Prevent Leads From Drying Up

If your leads start drying up, you are going to be in big trouble! You cannot allow this to happen. This is why using CRM is vital for you and your business. Lead generation should come from various sources
and from various efforts. You need to follow up constantly and eventually close the sale.

However, with so many leads coming at you from different directions, how do you know if you followed up with someone or not? You can’t rely on post-it notes. Let CRM handle this so that you can follow up in an organized and professional manner. Any lead can be sent to one central location – your CRM.

3. Make The Most Of Marketing

Apart from getting new leads, one thing you must not do is lose touch with current and past clients. Past clients have put you where you are. You can direct marketing at anyone. It’s a way of keeping in touch with people from the past and if you’ve provided them with excellent service, they will have no problems recommending you to others.

You need to constantly market yourself. CRM can send out newsletters periodically. It can customize newsletters and do the bulk of the work for you. Market yourself and your business services and you will reap rewards.

4. More Revenue

It’s a fact that real estate agents who use CRM software earn more than their counterparts who don’t. The difference is quite substantial. If an agent does not use CRM, they have to painstakingly do numerous tasks which can be forgotten. Important tasks that should have been done will cause clients to slip through the cracks. The irony of it all is, those who do not use CRM are actually working harder and are always busier and stressed, yet all the extra effort they put in still results in them earning less. Using CRM is working smarter, not harder.

If you’ve not used CRM and you finally decide to do so, your only regret would be that you didn’t take the plunge sooner. It would have saved so much hassle and stress and you’d have a healthier business and bank balance.