Document management should include the step of secure disposal so that information is not compromised. Many companies can go without destroying confidential or sensitive information and place them in recycling bins which can end up being a liability. You may also feel that information can be compromised by hiring a shredding company, but you should not be concerned.

Shredding companies understand the importance and seriousness of document breach, so they offer on-site shredding services where one of your corporate representatives can be present to witness the destruction of sensitive and confidential information. However, this is not the only reason why your firm should consider a reputable shredding company.

Here are 6 important reasons for hiring a shredding company:

1. Protecting your company and its reputation

A reputable shredding firm supports your document management process and ensures that documents are securely disposed without any compromise. Office shredding machines may not be capable of destroying documents where the information is indecipherable. The company can ensure that the information remains confidential even during the stages of the destruction process and they can provide a guarantee by issuing a ‘Certificate of Destruction’ after the service, which is your proof of protection.

2. Management of information and space reduction

Information that is no longer useful or pertinent, but can disclose secrets of the company should be disposed securely. This way your firm does not have to worry about storage or maintenance for these documents or costs of maintenance as well. You can be assured that confidential documents are not left unattended around the office and that they are securely destroyed. Additionally, the overflow of documents through the destruction process makes sure that the office is constantly clearing out paper and clutter. This way filing cabinets and storage rooms are kept well maintained and up-to-date with the current and needed organizational information.

3. Environmentally friendly

Shredding companies are moving towards environmental friendly practices for disposing confidential information. This means your organization will be contributing to sustainability initiatives.

4. Freeing employees

Shredding can be time-consuming. By hiring an external shredding company, employees can focus on their core responsibilities and this in turn will increase the employees’ productivity. Additionally, shredding companies have equipment that can complete the task within minutes.

5. Legal compliance

Protection of personal information is crucial and a legal requirement. Businesses are held responsible for ensuring that information is properly protected and not breached. Shredding companies are aware of these legal requirements and laws and can provide services that support your company with the compliance of these regulations.

Destroying confidential paper is not the only service shredding companies can provide. In fact, they can help your firm with destruction of hard drive, CD-ROMs, electronic storage media, medical x-rays and records, credit cards, ID cards, barcode scans and more.

6. Certificate of destruction

When it comes to electronic data, you want to make sure that the information cannot be retrievable or can be reconstructed. A shredding company will be a good choice as they offer the certificate of destruction guarantying that your electronic documents and files are destroyed and not retrievable. They offer both on-site and off-site services so if there is information that is sensitive you can request for on-site shredding.

In the case of off-site shredding, the company still provides a secured location, and lock and key containers for storage until the documents are securely transported to an off-site location where they are shredded and permanently destroyed.

Before signing a contract, you want to be sure that the paper shredding company can offer you services with the highest level of security, privacy and document management professionalism.