When it comes to grabbing your favourite snacks, there may be no better choice than a bag of chips. You are introduced to a bevy of aromas and great flavours upon taste as you open the bag. Sometimes, you may be in a rush to just eat your chips without delay. Have you ever wondered what goes into the process of bringing this snack to your hands, though?

The packaging aspect of potato chips is a lot more meticulous than you would think. Marketing is a huge factor in developing these snacks, and not without good reason. If you plan to make your chips brand one day, you must think about memorable packaging. Check out these six potato chips packaging design ideas:

Idea #1: Zip Bag

Most potato chip bags usually come in the standard bag format. It is a cheap type of packaging, which allows consumers to open it with ease before eating them. However, a drawback of this type of packaging is that it can be cumbersome to close once you are finished with it. Zip bags circumvent this issue by solving the issue outright.

A zip bag allows the user to reseal the bag once the chips are no longer used. Not only is this pretty convenient, but it is an airtight system, which means the chips won’t deteriorate. It can be a great means for consumers wary about products expiring so fast. Plus, they are not that expensive to use either. Work with a bag printing company to design a memorable potato chips brand for your customers.

Idea #2: Standard Bag

Of course, you can always resort to your conventional type of packaging if the worst comes to worst. It is not bland either; it depends on how you plan to use the bag itself in marketing. Standard potato chip bags can easily be designed with cool imagery and fonts.

Naturally, you will want this bag to stand out from the competition. The main brands of potato chips use the design above elements to great effect. There is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from these types of packaging when designing your own. Get creative, and your packaging will surely be unique.

Idea #3: Cans

A popular potato chip packaging involves stacking the chips inside a vertical-based can. Think of the Pringles brand of potato chips and its effectiveness inefficient marketing and brand recognition. By using this type of can, you will make your packaging stand out too.

The best way to go about this process is to think about what the can looks like from the outside. As is the case with your standard type of potato chip bag, fonts and imagery will be necessary. Always try to use vibrant colours and striking fonts so that consumers will come in for a closer look.

Idea #4: Snack Bags

Another type of packaging worth mentioning is the snack bag, which is greatly beneficial for several events. Snack bags can be seen as miniaturized standard bags and can be given out at parties or on Halloween. Of course, they will not have the same quantity of chips inside.

On the other hand, you will have more fun designing the bag itself. The same rule of thumb applies here; use vibrant graphics and colours to look noticeable. Also, snack bags are incredibly inexpensive for working on a budget. Different coloured snack bags for different-flavoured chips will be ideal!

Idea #5: Box

It might seem counterintuitive, especially given the composition of the snack, but it is not that uncommon either. Placing your potato chips inside a box can be incredibly worthwhile if you choose to have the product stand out. It is as straightforward as you’d think it would be as well. Grab a box the size of a shoebox, and get to work.

Make sure that the contents inside are favourable to the condition of the chip’s lifespan as well. Potato chip boxes can be used for testing purposes, for example. You may choose to mail out a box of a new flavour to consumers on your email list. It can be a great opportunity for branding and recognition for the snack if you do.

Idea #6: Experimenting With Packaging

You are always encouraged to keep testing out different types of packaging for your snacks. Normally, this will involve going through several phases of the creative design process. However, you are bound to find a type of packaging suitable for your needs. Potato chips do not have to be boring on the outside when you go for it!