One of the greatest things about pizza delivery bags is the smell it emits. Another sublime factor of these bags is that it keeps the Hawaiian, meat lovers or vegetarian pizzas hot and fresh. Just thinking of it now is likely making you salivate and desire some pie tonight when you get home.

A common issue that pizza companies have is trying to keep the delivery bags as clean as possible. Since many of these bags are insulated, only a small amount of ventilation is enabled. This means that the bags are experiencing long bouts of high heat and humidity, which can then lead to mildew and mold inside the bag. This isn’t good for your business, but there are ways to avoid it from happening. It’s simple: keep it clean and put together routine maintenance.

Here are five tips for keeping your pizza delivery bags clean:

1. Remove Any Dirt & Crumbs First

Let’s be honest: when you’re transporting pizza from point A to point B dozens of times a day, it is likely that some dirt and crumbs will infiltrate your pizza delivery bag.

Before you start wiping the bag down, it would be prudent to first remove any dirt and crumbs that have accumulated in the bag by shaking it down. Otherwise, you won’t be able to clean it properly because the pizza dough is impeding your techniques.

Simply put: get rid of the ground beef, crust and green peppers.

2. Create a Diluted Bleach Solution

Here is the difficult part: creating a diluted bleach solution, not concentrated bleach.

So, grab your diluted bleach solution
, pour one cup for every two litres of water and mix it. Again, you must not utilize concentrated bleach because it will damage the insulation and potentially any artwork.

3. Use a Spray Bottle

Once you have produced your diluted bleach solution, pour it into a spray bottle.

When you have your bottle, spray it gently inside and outside of the pizza delivery bag. Grab a clean cloth and wipe it down immediately – it is important to not allow the solution to stay on the materials for more than 30 seconds.

You should perform this method on a daily basis.

4. Ventilate the Bags at the End of the Day

Indeed, your pizza delivery bags hardly receive any fresh air and ventilation. To expand the lifespan of your bags, here is the best thing you could do: ventilate your bags at the end of the day. You can achieve this by opening your bags and placing it near a window or a vent.

5. Are the Bags Old? Chuck Them Now

How old are your bags? The reason we ask is because if it is several years old, then it will certainly be useless by now. In other words, if the carriers are at least five years old, then it is time to toss them in the garbage and invest in new pizza delivery bags.

Moreover, the private sector continues to come up with new types of pizza delivery bags that will better shield the pizza.

The average person wouldn’t think that a bureaucratic inspector from the city would start snooping around pizza delivery bags. But they do, and you want to ensure that they are in great condition and do not have any traces of mold and mildew. By wiping down the bags, allowing them to vent and even replacing worn down carriers, you can be sure to receive an excellent rating from the city. And that is the objective of many restaurants these days: keeping everything as clean and sanitary as possible.

Well, with that in mind, it’s time to take a look at the washrooms! Yuck.