Prefabricated steel buildings can be used for both residential and commercial use. The benefits include affordability, quick construction turnover time, eco-friendly building materials and durability. There are very few construction companies or home owners who are aware of this option and benefits. For instance, the steel structure can be designed to accommodate commercial warehousing combined with office spaces for day-to-day business.

By combining the two functions, the business owner cuts cost as well as increases efficiency and communications between both the warehousing and administration departments.

Here are seven compelling reasons for investing in a prefabricated steel building:

1. Easy Expansion

Prefabricated buildings are built at the manufacturer’s plant so designs and steel structures are all established to building code standards before they are installed at the project job site. The design configurations and ease of expansion make these structures invaluable when it comes to investments as you only pay for the additional panels that are installed, and do not have to demolish and rebuild.

Prefabricated steel structures can be built to any size or configuration. The application and advantages are limitless. By choosing a prefabricated steel structure, you have a building facility with the space and design you need in no time and most importantly you have made an eco-conscious choice.

2. Economical construction

Constructing a conventional steel structure from ground up can be lengthy as well as costly. A prefabricated steel building on the contrary, can cut the construction time, process and costs by almost 50%. Through the initial prefabrication at the manufacturer’s outlet, these structures are quickly delivered, ready to assemble and can easily be constructed resulting in construction savings, minimized raw material costs and less construction waste.

It further results in less time spent on the job site and quick occupancy. The benefit with these structures is that you deal with one contractor who can undertake the planning, design, fabrication and construction, making coordination and monitoring of the construction progress less cumbersome.

3. Eco-friendly building materials

Steel is a 100% recyclable building material and energy efficient. The structure remains cool during summer and warm during winter due to the insulation that boosts thermal efficiency.

4. Custom designs

The steel structures can be prefabricated to the owner’s specifications and allows for architectural flexibility. With the latest state-of- the-art computer-aided design, you can design the structure exactly the way you want it to look and function. Steel panels are cut to appropriate sizes and can be easily assembled and installed at the construction site.

5. Versatility

There are countless possible applications for any type of residential or business use. Prefabricated steel structures can be used for a garage, warehouse, airplane hanger, office expansion or even a dog kennel. With recent modular building structures, these buildings can be expanded to any preferred length and are scalable in future to suit all business or home expansion needs. Designs can be modified economically to accommodate all types of expansion.

6. Low maintenance or restoration

Prefabricated steel structures are very durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions such as heavy snowfalls, earthquakes, and strong winds or rain. They are coated to resist corrosion, discoloration, fading and rust. Furthermore, these structures do not require much repairs, and are easy to clean and maintain. It is not complicated to replace panels as the structures are built using standardized modular components and fasteners that can be removed and reinstalled.

Additionally, steel is not susceptible to cracks, termites and fires.

7. Foundation requirements

Conventional steel structures require a solid concrete foundation to support its weight, whereas prefabricated steel buildings are lighter structures that require less foundational support. Prefabricated steel structures offer portable concrete foundations that can easily be moved to a new location if required.