The supplies you choose in sending packaging to your customers make an important statement. They show the customer how much you care about their product and they help to elevate your brand in the eye of your current buyers. But, like many business owners, you could be struggling to find the optimal packaging supplies for your full range of products. Within this post, we’ll explore more on how business owners can choose the ideal packaging supplies for their business.

1. Choose Side-Loading Packaging for Breakables

A common challenge business owners encounter when reviewing their packaging supplies is that they find items made from glass and other breakable material difficult to package. Side-loading packaging products make the process easier for shipping. Your team can gently place mirrors, frames, and other breakable products in side-loading boxes for easy transfer to the customer.

2. Carefully Choose Apparel Boxes

The boxes you choose for clothing items should be selected carefully based on your brand and the expectations of your buyers. It’s important that you’re able to provide your customers with a uniquely stylish unboxing experience. And with so many people now buying clothes online and shipping them home, this is your opportunity to make a unique branding impression.

Quality apparel boxes are large enough to comfortably fit the apparel without the potential for movement in the box. They should also be fitted with decorative items such as tissue paper to further enhance the unboxing process for the customer.

3. Select Bubble Wrap for Reduced Shipping Losses

Many growing companies suffer significant, and sometimes insurmountable losses as a result of damage that occurs during shipping. Effective bubble wrap can help consolidate your inventory expenditures and reduce your losses by thousands of dollars each year.

Working with trusted packaging supplies companies, you can select bubble wrap according to the unique sizing parameters of the product and your organization. Make sure you work with a trusted company to ensure the right product is chosen to protect your full assortment of packaged products.

4. Make Anti-Static a Priority for Electronics Shipping

Consumers are now spending millions of dollars each year shipping electronics from warehouses to their home across the country. And having the requisite packaging supplies ready for the process can help keep your company running smoothly over the coming years. Anti-static shipping products are now a priority for the shipping of electronics.

Whether it’s anti-static packing peanuts or anti-static device labels, your company has a range of packaging options to help prevent electronic damage. By entrusting a qualified packaging specialist within this process, you can pinpoint quality products designed for effective use throughout the coming years.

5. Remember Food Items Require Careful Transit

For those running food delivery operations, the options available for food packing are limited. But it’s important that packaging options are carefully chosen so that delivery teams and others in the food processing field are able to make sure the product arrives in pristine condition. For example, bakeries might consider using shipping bags in smaller sizes with separate holders for each product. Business owners might also consider window bags to help showcase the product effectively. This is ideal for customers shopping for an item for a special event, such as a birthday or business lunch.

The packaging supplies chosen for your company speak volumes about your business and its service to customers. Making the right choices and working with local professionals within the packaging marketplace can help you to locate that perfect product to protect your inventory and keep your loyal customers happy as your business grows.