This old world can be a pretty harsh place for even the kindest, most friendly of people. That is simply how life goes sometimes, but there is no reason to fret over that because we are also fortunate enough to live in a world that is populated by many, many people who simply want to help those in need. This is a good thing, as there is not a single soul upon this earth who is exempt from hard times of desperation. Hard times can fall at the most startlingly fast of speeds at the most inopportune of times, leaving you with nothing but troubles and woes to look forward to.

Fortunately, there is aid for those desperate enough to seek it out, and this often comes in the form of disability for those who are injured and disabled who simply cannot work anymore. Unfortunately, however, the road to disability can be a rough, confusing path that many people become lost on. Luckily, there are disability lawyers who will be more than happy to help you navigate that path and ensure that you get the proper assistance that you so desperately need in your time of hardship.

When should you consider hiring a disability lawyer? Below, you will find three great moments to consult a disability lawyer.

1. Before Filing Your Claim

Taking the first steps towards disability can be truly frightening, as it is a territory that will most likely be largely unknown to you. This is okay, though! Just remember to keep your head and march on into the future. Hiring a disability lawyer at the start may not be a necessary move, but it certainly cannot hurt your chances. A competent disability lawyer can help you fully grasp the situation at hand, assist you in completing the necessary tasks in order to get your foot in the door, and advise you about how to proceed with your claim.

Plus, if you do everything just right, follow the advice of the lawyer to a T, and still get rejected for your claim, then the lawyer can help you proceed from there, as that will most certainly not be the end of your journey. We will discuss that more later, though. Plus, you might actually get it on the very first try thanks to your lawyer’s assistance!

2. During the Claims Process

Having a competent, experienced, and well-known disability lawyer on your side during the claims process shows the insurance company that you are completely serious about making this happen, and they will most certainly take note of this. This will only help your chances, as the lawyer will still help you navigate around the pitfalls of the process and lead you straight to the goal with little resistance.

3. After Rejection

It is quite possible that you will be turned down for your disability claim. In fact, it’s rather common. If this happens, do not panic, and do not give up in a hurry, as this fight is not over. Hiring a lawyer at this stage will allow you to refile your claim in a clean, competent manner and help prove that you are not ready to let this go just yet.

A decent disability lawyer will explain what rights you are entitled to and what options are now open to you. Listening to your disability lawyer will help you reach the outcome that you desperately need and deserve. After all, you need assistance, and most likely need it as soon as possible, so don’t be afraid to pursue it until you get the help you require.