You are in a minor car accident and the other driver, for whatever reason, leaves the scene. The accident has left you injured, shocked, frustrated, and unsure of what the next steps are as it will most certainly involved dealing with insurance companies and helping to locate the other driver.

In the event that you are in a hit and run accident where you are the victim, contacting a lawyer immediately is crucial as they can assist you in many different ways and put you on a path to getting the compensation you need and deserve.

1. Can prove liability

When you are involved in an accident where the other driver fails to remain at the scene, it could mean a significant amount of time before he or she is caught. Regardless, you will need to prove that the other party is liable in order to receive compensation for damages or injury. Most people are unfamiliar of the rules of evidence and what a victim may think is undisputable evidence may end up not satisfying the court enough to rule in your favour.

An attorney experienced in hit and run accidents is aware of what evidence is required and successful in proving cases. The attorney can review your case and use all evidence available in proving that the other driver was liable. Courts and insurance companies need liability to be established before a ruling on the case is complete and compensation can be given, making this step crucial in the process.

2. Seek compensation

In the event of a hit and run incident in which you are the victim, there are many factors that fall under the umbrella of compensation. These include money to pay for damage to your vehicle, medical fees, future treatments, and anticipated lost wages. A judge presiding over the case may even order the other driver to pay punitive damages for your pain and suffering. An experienced attorney can review your case and take such factors into account when coming up with a total amount to be requested in the lawsuit.

The car accident lawyer will ensure that the amount will not be too low that your needs will not be covered but not high enough that your lawsuit will be seen as based on greed. In the event that a defendant or their insurance company proposes a settlement, your attorney can review any offers and determine whether it should be accepted, rejected, or they can make a counter-offer on your behalf.

3. Assist with insurance companies

Whether you are seeking assistance from your own insurance company until your lawsuit is settled or the other driver that left the scene has been found yet or you are dealing with the defendant’s company, this is never an easy process. Insurance providers historically make the process of receiving compensation difficult and offers provided by them usually do not meet the needs of a victim.

An attorney has skills and experience in dealing with insurance companies attempting to elude their obligation to assist you. They will deal with deceptive tactics and aggressive representatives employed by insurance companies and effectively advocate on your behalf to ensure your rights are protected and you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

4. Represent you in court

Sometimes when liability is challenged or a settlement cannot be reached, it is necessary to go to trial. A personal injury attorney will be able to advocate on your behalf in court and is skilled in proving liability. The attorney is knowledgeable regarding what witnesses, experts, or investigators would be most beneficial to provide testimony that can help your case.

In the event that you need to testify, the attorney will be able to prepare you for this, ensuring your testimony is effective and that your words will not be misconstrued by the defence and used to their advantage.