Many workers hate having their pictures taken, especially for ID cards. They may not necessarily be flattering, but it is essential to the security of the company. But we can all do a better job of snapping pictures to make the employee look a bit more, shall we say, pleasing.

To improve corporate security, more businesses are adopting an ID card system. And this is a step in the right direction, but many experts are asking: what took so long?

Depending on the size of the company, all of the ID card systems will be vastly different. Some will be digital, some will be microchips, some will be the basic laminated cards. Anything is better than nothing, and this will immediately boost the reputation of any private firm.

Although ID cards may not be the most interesting elements in the world today, there is still a lot to know about them, including getting the best pictures. If you don’t know the intricacies and aspects of ID cards then your system will experience a wide array of hiccups and problems.

Here are five tips for getting better pictures for your ID cards:

1. Use a Plain Backdrop

All of the pictures taken for your ID cards should have plain white backdrops. You should never have anything behind the subject – no artwork, no special designs, no colours. A simple, white and plain backdrop will suffice. This isn’t an art project.

2. Sit on a Sturdy Chair

One of the worst things that could happen to the person is to sit on a wobbly chair and look slightly slanted in the image. By having this occur, the picture will look odd, and ultimately require the photographer to take another picture at the end and go through the process again.

Find a durable, sturdy and reliable chair, sit up straight and look at the camera. Voila!

3. Ensure There’s Plenty of Lighting

If you have ever sat for photos or have ever been in a studio then you will notice all of the lighting. Indeed, poor lighting is the worst thing to have happen.

When the picture is being taken, it is important to have an immense amount of lighting showcased onto the subject. By having a sufficient amount of lighting, the individual will be easy to identify and clear to see without squinting or shining a flashlight on the ID card.

4. Show Your Pearly Whites Just a Bit

Should you want to look a bit more pleasing to the eye, or less awkward, then the simple solution is to show your pearly whites just a smidge. Akin to health cards or passports, you must refrain from showcasing all of your pearly whites with a giant smile. Instead, the smile must be minimal with a little bit of teeth piercing through your lips.

5. Keep Your Eyes Open at All Times

Similar to lighting, having your eyes shut or squinted can be terrible for an ID card. It can be hard to keep your eyes wide open when a flash of lighting transpires. Don’t worry, though, because it is up to the photographer to take as many pictures as possible to get the right one.