Your home fire alarm’s basic functionality is to alert you when there is smoke or fire within the building. But to ensure complete home safety around the clock, you require the services of a company that offers home alarm monitoring in addition to alarm technology. Our experts can help guide you within this area of the marketplace, and in this latest post we’ll provide our expertise to help you choose a fire alarm monitoring systems provider.

1. Ensure the Company has 24-Hour Monitoring Services

The company you select should be able to offer 24-hour monitoring services as part of their work. They should be able to maintain a constant connection with your property so that they can alert local firefighters to an event within the home. This means they should have a monitoring station that is manned 24 hours a day. Speak with the company about their monitoring services and ask their team about the average time it takes to contact the local fire department in the event of a fire.

2. Ask about Inspections

Does the fire alarm monitoring company complete regular inspections on the equipment installed within your home? Make sure they’re equipped to effectively handle the inspection process. For example, you might ask how often they complete inspections and how updates to the fire alarm monitoring systems technology are handled. The company should complete an inspection of their installed products on an annual basis to ensure that they perform as required, and that dust and other home contaminants don’t impact the ability to detect fire and smoke within the home.

3. Consider the Company’s Experience

One of the leading mistakes homeowners make when selecting a fire alarm monitoring company is choosing a service through an inexperienced provider. This can often mean that the specialist isn’t able to respond to your full range of requirements, and they may not have the resources to ensure the ideal service in the long-term. Look for companies that have been involved in the home security and monitoring industry for at least a decade, and try to find a company with a local presence so you can rest assured they are well respected in the community.

4. Ask the Firm About the Long-Term Costs

Businessman standing and gesturing with a cardboard box on his head with dollar signs

Are there monthly fees that must be paid as part of the monitoring service? Or is the service available for one total fee that can be paid immediately? Make sure that you have a full understanding on the contract before you sign a deal with a fire alarm monitoring company. The experts you select should be able to help you finance your alarm monitoring service by offering you a range of payment options in addition to their add-on services.

5. Review Additional Services

Oftentimes the fire alarm monitoring company is also able to provide additional services as part of their contract work. When choosing a monitoring specialist, it’s important that you review their full suite of services to ensure you achieve complete value for your investment over the coming months. Some of the top fire alarm monitoring systems specialists offer video monitoring, for example, which allows teams to assess home fire hazards the moment they occur. This eliminates problems with the waste of local firefighting resources and ensures teams have full information on the scale of the problem before they arrive at the home.

Working with a trusted fire alarm monitoring company can help you to save money in the long-term. To learn more on the steps required to select a service specialist, review the options in your area today.