A quality leather bag will last you at least a decade and is perfect for a wide array of social situations. Leather bags are excellent additions to your wardrobe and help you avoid looking like a big kid while carrying around a backpack. Use the tips in this blog post to help you find a high-quality leather briefcase.

1. Why Is A Good Briefcase Important?

A good bag is more than a functional item for moving your stuff around. A quality leather briefcase helps sharpen your attire and complement your professional wardrobe.  A lot of people buying their first leather bag end up with cracked leather and loose stitching within six months. Even if a bag appears good on the surface, it’s important to realize not all leather bags are created equally. The following tips will help you pick out a leather briefcase that’s built to last.

2. Consider The Type Of Leather Used

Quality leather makes a huge difference in the appearance and longevity of your bag. Bags made with bonded leather actually use scrap pieces of leather and rework them into a second rate version of leather. Bonded leather bags begin to crack and fade within months.

In order to get that weathered, sheeny look you need a high-quality leather. When looking around for your bag look for one that’s made out of full grain leather. Full grain leather creates the distinct leather smell and look associated with high-quality leather briefcases.

3. Pick A Color The Best Suits Your Lifestyle

Now that you know what kind of leather to choose, you need to select the color. The best color depends on your personal preferences and where you’ll be using the bag. Black and dark brown bags are excellent for professional environments. A powerful dark leather bag projects a sense of authority and power.

Tan and light brown bags are best for a casual work atmosphere. Black is the most versatile option since it can accommodate many different situations and outfits. Quality black leather bags retain their style and color for decades.

4. Inspect The Bag’s Hardware

After choosing a color you like, you need to inspect the hardware. The finishing pieces of a leather bag are where a lot of subpar companies like to cut corners to save money. Before making a final decision inspect the buckles, handles, locks, and zippers on the bag. Mental zippers are a must have on any quality bag, stay away from plastic. If you’re buying a bag online, you can zoom in on the photos to check the individual parts. Don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer and ask about the materials used for the hardware on your bag.

5. Make Sure The Bag Can Accommodate Your Supplies

Not only does your leather bag have to look good, but it also needs to accommodate your needs. If you walk around with a laptop every day, then you need to make sure your bag has a secure slot that your laptop can fit in. Some bags have a microfiber pocket specifically for your laptop. If you keep important documents in addition to your computer in your bag, then you need to ensure there are no partials openings in your bag’s design.

The final decision you’ll have to make is if you want a briefcase or messing bag. Messenger bags are less formal and easier to carry than briefcases. Briefcases are appropriate for lawyers, engineers, business people and other professionals who need to transport documents and while maintaining a classy image.

A little bit of research goes a long way when picking your leather bag. Don’t go for the first option you see, take the time to look around and compare different options. Following the tips in this blog post will help you find a leather briefcase built to last for decades!