Branding items can be really great for a company in a couple of ways. One, it can be free swag to give away to customers or to give as donations for fundraisers and events. This is beneficial to the company because they are getting their brand name out to the public, and beneficial for the recipient because they get something free that they can use.

Another good way to use branded items is to sell them. If a company can make their brand a status symbol, people will pay to have their logo on something. One type of branded item that are really popular are hoodies. Many people, businesses, or organizations may order custom printed hoodies for a variety of reasons.

Here are five characteristics of custom hoodies:

1. Everybody loves hoodies

It is hard to find someone who will never, ever wear a hoodie. Whether it’s for bumming around at home, heading out on a chilly day, or for everyday use, almost everybody wears hoodies sometimes. This means its an item that people generally want, as opposed to other branded items that take up space and aren’t very useful.

As a branded item that people pay for, it is good because it’s something they will invest in. As a free swag item, even better – hoodies can be expensive so people will be really pleased to receive a prize that has some value.

2. Variety

There are a lot of different styles of hoodies, and they can come in virtually any colour. For instance, hoodies can come with or without a zipper. In addition, there are men’s and women’s styles, or unisex styles. They can be made of polyester, cotton or a polyester cotton blend, and in some cases they may be available in alternative fabrics. Visually, a company, person, or group of people can make the hoodie match their needs and have very few limitations.

3. Custom printing options

Customers can also choose how their visual should be presented on the hoodie, and there is a ton of space to play around with this option. First, the visual can be added either through embroidery or screen printing. Both are great options, however embroidery tends to last longer, while screen printing may chip, crack or fade over time and after many washes. That being said, screen printing is still a high-quality branding option. Branding can be added to the front of the hoodie – which is the most common option.

However, customers can also add their visuals to the back of the hoodie as well, as it provides a nice, large, open space. As well, sometimes the arms are used for additional space.

4. Bring a group together

Custom printed hoodies are also an excellent choice for teams or groups where members want to present themselves as being associated with one another. Custom pictures, phrases, or logos can be put on the hoodies to bring a sense of unity into a group, whether it be a graduating class, a sports team, an organization, or a bachelor party. Branded or custom printed hoodies don’t only have to be for companies, they can be used for personal reasons too!

5. Spread the word

Wearables are always a great way to spread brand awareness or get people’s attention. People wearing custom printed hoodies are basically walking billboards for whatever is on them. This is great for companies who want people to see their brand and recognize it, especially since people are statistically more likely to purchase products or services from a brand they know.

However, individuals or groups may also want to raise awareness about an event, team, or group using this same method.