The process of immigration is extremely complex and important. If not addressed correctly and with the proper amount of care, it can lead to the occurrence of events that could be frustrating and devastating for all parties involved. Therefore, if you are about to start or are in the middle of a process that falls under the auspices of immigration or citizenship, it is crucial that you hire an attorney experienced specifically in this area. Below are some of the situations where an immigration lawyer can help meet your needs and achieve your goals.

1. Deportation

If you have been deported or have been informed that the country you are in is seeking to have you deported, it is important that you seek assistance from an immigration attorney. An effective attorney once hired will be able to discover the reasons why deportation action has been taken against you and then formulate and present a strong case as to why you should not be removed from the country. Many people do not realize how complex immigration laws are and how much work goes into appealing a deportation order. An immigration attorney is knowledgeable, experienced, and will work hard for you, giving you the best chance to be able to remain in the country.

2. Work visa

If you obtain employment in another country or your employer is requiring you to work abroad for a period of time, chances are you need a work visa. This permit allows someone to work in a foreign country doing a specific job for a specific period of time. Usually the employer will handle the visa process, but in the event they do not, an immigration attorney can be helpful. The process to obtain a visa can be onerous and complicated and failure to follow procedures properly could result in an application denial or lengthy delays. An attorney can assist you in completing the required paperwork, review it, and ensure the process is as stress-free as possible.

3. Asylum seekers

Seeking asylum can be the difference between life and death in certain situations and for this reason an immigration attorney’s assistance and support is crucial. In order for someone to be granted asylum or refugee status, it must be proven that they face persecution in their home country based on race, religion, or political affiliation. If this is not proven, an application is likely to be denied. Immigration attorneys can assist individuals and families seeking asylum or refugee status by building a case that proves they have a fear of persecution in their homeland based on one of these grounds, increasing their chances of their application being approved.

4. Immigration

When it comes to applying for immigration, there are many reasons why hiring an immigration attorney would be beneficial. If you have undertaken the immigration process on your own and find the process too complicated due to required forms, additional information needed, or language barriers, an immigration attorney can assist in completing the paperwork and ensuring everything that is needed to apply is present. If you have already applied with all necessary paperwork and information but feel that it is taking too long to hear an update or outcome, an attorney may have the means to contact the immigration agency to inquire about any unnecessary delays or receive any updates regarding your application. If you have received word that your application for immigration has been considered and denied, the immigration attorney can make inquiries regarding the decision. The attorney can then give advice on how to address the issue that lead to the denial (if possible) and determine whether or not re-applying would render a different outcome.