Dying hair has become extremely popular over the years with 40% of women and 11% of men doing it. Whether you are looking to dye your hair to change up your look or to cover up signs of greying, it is an easy, quick process that can you’re your hair look healthy and fantastic. Although there are kits that allow you to colour your hair at home, such products can leave you unsatisfied and could potentially damage your home. There are many reasons why you should consider getting your hair dyed in a professional salon.

1. Less damaging

If you get your hair dyed at a salon, the stylist is a professional who is experienced with the process. Take-home hair dying kits consists of high levels of ammonia that is used to cut through the outer layers of your hair enough so it can be coloured effectively. Ammonia will degrade and damage your hair over time and will eventually mean you will have to go to a licenced salon to treat the damage done to your hair after using these take-home kits anyway. Hair colour used at a salon uses very little ammonia which makes the process gentle on your hair. The stylist can also adjust other substances used as needed to ensure that your hair looks great after dying it but also minimizes the damage that is unavoidable in the process.

2. It is done correctly

A large majority of people that colour their hair at home are unsatisfied with the results. These products usually require the user to apply the dye evenly and depending whether there is previous dye in the hair, this can result in patchy, uneven colour. A stylist at a salon will be able to tell where the dye should be placed and apply it in spots as needed. After the process, the stylist can give advice on how to best care for a customer’s hair at home and recommend some products for after-care. The salon is experienced in hair colouring, will do it correctly, and will guarantee you are satisfied with the result. This will save you the hassle of rushing to the salon to fix a poorly-done colouring job you did at home.

3. Matches your roots

One main complaint about boxed hair products is the colour does not match or effectively cover up roots that grow out after a previous hair colouring. As mentioned, the boxed dye directs the user to spread the dye over hair evenly however this results in roots not matching ends. A stylist can adjust the application as needed for hair to match and avoid patchy colour. The new colour will be added to the new growth as needed, avoiding overlap that looks poor and uneven.

4. Guaranteed colour

Many people that choose to dye their hair themselves at home are often not satisfied with the colour itself. For instance, blonde hair products often turn out white, orange, or sometimes even green depending on the user’s natural hair colour and whether they have any remnants of a previous dye job still in their hair. These unwanted results often mean visits to hair salons to get the colours desired in the first place or trims to parts of hair that did not turn out well. Boxed hair products can be effective if you are looking to make minor changes to your natural hair colour or attempting to cover up grey hair but if you want to change your hair drastically, attending a salon will ensure you are satisfied with the look and you get the colour you want.