The relationships we form with others can greatly benefit our personal development. Each bond carries a certain weight and will inevitably have a net positive on your life. From the relationships we have with family to getting married to a partner, every bond is important. Regarding the latter, a marriage can bring about several memories to last a lifetime.

Sometimes, however, these memories are not meant to last. A marriage can deteriorate due to various reasons. Adultery is one of those ways in which a relationship can break. Before jumping to conclusions, you may first suspect that your husband, for example, is flirting at work. If there are enough suspicious signs, you may want to consult a private investigator cheating service to collect concrete evidence. Chances are, your husband is probably flirting and possibly doing more at work.

Look out for these suspicious signs your husband is flirting at work.

Suspicion Sign #1: Phone Usage

Of course, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone nowadays who doesn’t have a smartphone. Both our personal and professional lives are tied to this device in one form or another. Once you get married, you may want to figure out ways to reduce the time spent on it.

However, if you find that your husband is using his phone in key bonding moments, it could be a red flag. He could focus more on communicating with someone he sees outside the marriage. It could be a colleague they are interested in more than just a professional manner. Don’t jump to assumptions, but keep it in the back of your head, just in case.

Suspicious Sign #2: Different Behaviours

Sometimes, it is just natural to want to visit your spouse when they are at work. This can include providing a care package to them or just dropping in for a fun surprise. If you do this and find that their behaviour is different than it would be at home, it could be a sign. You may find they are happier with a colleague than with you at home.

In addition, your husband may be happier to see his colleagues than he is to see you. It may reflect his trying to flirt with a specific individual, which was interrupted by your visit. Keep an eye out on his interactions with his colleagues, as it could be something to worry about.

Suspicious Sign #3: Reported Behaviour

On the other hand, you may be informed about your husband’s flirty behaviour by someone else! This is a clear and cut sign, whether through another colleague or by the individual he is flirting with. Of course, your husband may try to spin it as hearsay since you were not present to see the actual interaction.

However, it is still something to consider for the short term. Once this has been admitted to you, you must keep an eye on your husband’s professional interactions. You do not have to invade his privacy, but allow yourself to see the behaviour for yourself. That way, you can be much more confident in calling him out.

Suspicious Sign #4: Working Late

The average working professional will lead a busy life for the most part. Working overtime is something that we all will experience to reach company goals. Sometimes, however, you may notice your husband spending more time at work than usual. It may come in unusual schedules, furthering your suspicions.

If you feel like there is someone your husband is flirting with at work, there could be a correlation. The same sentiment applies if they happen to go to work at an earlier time as well. Sometimes, the most obvious signs of flirting can come via the most obvious red flags!

Suspicious Sign #5: Upgraded Dress Code

Professionals will have to dress to impress, as the age-old adage goes. In some cases, this may be too valid, where potential relationship issues may be caused. Your husband may try to impress someone he is interested in at work through a new, formal outfit.

Suspicious Sign #6: Eye Contact

Work lunches are as common as the usual Monday morning meeting. If your husband, for example, invites you to have lunch with a colleague, look at how he looks at them. Eye contact is a huge indicator of how someone feels about someone else. Less eye contact with you, and more with this specific colleague, can spell trouble.

Suspicious Sign #7: Physical Touch

An extension of the previous point has to do with how many physical interactions the husband has with a colleague. You can probably differentiate between a courteous hug and a much more intimate one. If this is consistent, it could be something to call him out on. Your husband will be playing with fire; you will have to decide sooner or later!