Make no mistake, inbound call centre agents work hard and are under a lot of pressure, yet, you would never realize it. Every manager likes to increase productivity, but in a call centre setting, it can be difficult. Inbound call centre agents receive a large number of calls. Sometimes, there can be no let up, yet, calls have to be dealt with courtesy and professionalism while maintaining a certain level of productivity. It does get hard, so it’s up to a manager to understand, but also help them to be at the top of their game. Here are the best ways to help keep call centre staff motivated.

1. Warm & Friendly Environment

As a manager, the onus is on you to build an environment that is warm and friendly. The manager has to foster the right attitude and keep things fair for everyone. A manager can be a nightmare and be strict and stern and put people down in front of others, which some managers seem quite capable of doing; or, you could lighten things up in creative ways that make the staff feel appreciated and go that extra mile for you. The latter certainly sounds better, doesn’t it? The manager should learn the names of agents and greet them as they come in. You can also listen to what your top agents say at a meeting and implement some suggestions to make things better.

2. Rewarding Excellence

When an agent performs admirably, recognize and reward this excellence. It can build morale and boost confidence. You could even have a ‘rewards program’ where agents can receive points for outstanding achievements and then redeem them. Gift certificates and lunch vouchers can be a nice reward. You can offer other rewards as well, such as a first choice for a vacation request.

3. Praise In Public; Reprimand In Private

When an agent does well, or at least you can see how hard he or she is trying, feel free to praise them in front of everyone. It’s a light moment that is sure to be appreciated and cause a bit of friendly banter among co-workers. However, never reprimand an agent in front of anybody. This action needs to be done in private. It is demoralizing enough, without having to take it in front of everyone else. Sometimes, it has to be done, but doing it behind closed doors can prevent any gossip.

4. Ongoing Training

Make sure to have updated training at regular intervals. This is an excellent way for agents to brush up and polish their old skills but learn new ones as well. This also shows agents that they are respected for what they do. This is also a perfect opportunity to update all your agents on any new promotions and procedures as well as any new ways of handling specific customer problems.

5. Ask For Feedback

Make sure to ask them for feedback and suggestions on what works and what doesn’t. If it’s possible, implement these changes. This shows them how valued they are and makes them realize that what they have to say is respected. This can be a regular thing, since things are always moving and changing in the business world.

A motivated agent is a happy agent. This leads to greater productivity which is good news for you as a manager. It’s also good for the business as their customer service remains at a high level and everyone’s a winner.