Whether you purchased a prefabricated steel building for your home, workshop, business, or shed, you have probably already noticed the many benefits of doing so. They are strong, versatile, and extremely weather-resistant.

While steel buildings are also low-maintenance, it does not mean that you can afford to neglect caring for and maintaining them after purchase. There are certain things that you can do to ensure that the structure keeps it great appearance and lasts for many years to come. Below are steps you can take in caring for your steel building.

1. Protect from weather

Steel buildings are known for being exceptionally resistant to harsh weather, able to withstand conditions such as snow, rain, and sleet. However, the conditions that result due to precipitation can cause damage if the building is exposed for long enough. Snow or rain around your building will eventually cause damage to the structure and foundation, forcing you to consider costly repairs or tearing it down.

To prevent precipitation from causing damage, keep an eye out for any water pooling around the building and consider grading the ground around it so it slopes away from the structure. Also consider installing gutters and downspouts that will direct water away from the foundation.

2. Check for & repair holes

A small hole or crack in your steel building may seem minor or insignificant but it can definitely turn into something that could threaten the overall structure as well as any contents inside.

Perform periodic inspections of your steel building and identify any holes that need repairing. These holes could potentially let in moisture and heat that could threaten your belongings being sheltered by the structure. If the hole is small, patch it with some epoxy filler. If it is rather big, purchase as much sheet metal as you need and secure it to the structure where the hole is with sheet metal screws.

3. Wash it

 Depending on where your building is located, it could be susceptible to tree sap, fungus, algae, and mildew. Inside the structure, dirt and mold can be present. Substances inside and outside of your steel building can build up, causing it to rust and look unsightly.

Steel is a strong, durable material but it still needs to be maintained. At least once per year, you need to clean your steel building and this is very easy to do. Mix some ammonia with a mild household cleaner and some water. With a soft brush, scrub the panels of the steel building to loosen up any substances on the surface. Use a pressure washer on the lowest setting or a garden house to rinse off. For stubborn materials or stains on the steel, consider adding bleach to your cleaning concoction.

4. Inspect for moisture

Granted, if your steel building gets wet, it will not sustain damage. However, constant exposure to moisture will result in rust and mold that will compromise the structural integrity of the building and ruin items enclosed. If black mold grows inside the building, this can lead to serious illness and even death in extreme cases.

As mentioned, consider installing gutters and downspouts to take water away from your steel building. Inspect them regularly to make sure they are not clogged because if they are, water will be permitted to drip onto the surface panels and down near the foundation.

Also check the insulation within the interior of the structure to confirm that there is no moisture between it and the walls. This moisture would allow mold to grow and wet insulation does not adequately protect your building, leading to increased energy costs. In the event that you discover insulation damaged by moisture, remove it and install new batts right away.