What Are 2 Different Types Of Supplies Required In A Hair Salon?

  • Bruno Rice
  • March 29, 2020

One of the most expensive operating costs for hairstylists is the supplies needed to open a hair salon. A salon startup requires a wide range of equipment, inventory and tools and all of these items should be set up in the salon before the big opening day arrives.

The following is a short list of the required supplies that hairstylists and salon owners will need to help them organize their new business on a budget.

1. Basic Supplies

It does not matter whether the salon owner plans to offer shampoo, styling, waxing, facials or a range of different beauty services, most salons will need a few basic supplies. These basic supplies include:

– Administrative Supplies – A register and POS (Point of Sale) system is very important so client appointments can be scheduled and services can be paid for. A desk, phone and office supplies are essential for the reception area. Salon owners should also consider investing in a contactless system for payment and scheduling software. These components will streamline front end operations.

– Product Shelving And Cases – As an additional source of revenue, salon owners may choose to promote products inside of a display that is close to the receptionist desk. Some layouts may also encourage wall-mounted shelves, a counter-rack or a free-standing display.

– Reception Décor – It is important that clients feel welcomed as soon as they enter through the salon’s doors. Nothing else can transform a bland space into one that is fits the vibe of the salon like right type of décor. By choosing the right type of chairs and/or couches, tables and reading materials, clients will have an inviting area to wait.

– Washer/Dryer – Salons go through many loads of laundry, in particularly, towels. Many salon owners choose to save money on laundering services by installing commercial washers and dryers on site. This helps to ensure there are always clean towels ready for client use.

2. Salon Equipment For Hair Styling

In order to have a successful salon, there are specific types of equipment that have to be in place before the first client walks through the door. You may find more info at Tony Shamas if you are looking for additional resources.

– Shampoo Bowls and Chairs – Most startup salons cannot afford to purchase more than one or two shampoo bowls in the beginning. A general rule of thumb is that there should be one shampoo bowl in the salon for every two hairstylists that will be working during any shift.

Shampoo chairs should be adjustable to meet the different height and body types of different clients.

– Carts – Having rolling carts in the salon makes it a lot easier for employees to transport supplies between the different salon stations. These carts also help employees and stylists stay efficient and organized.

– Dryers – Hooded dryers are the preferred dryers in salons because they allow certain hairstyles to be heat-set. They are also used for coloring services. Hooded dryers offer a consistent heat across a client’s head that results in perfect results each and every time.

A hair salon offers an escape from a person’s day to day tasks and provides an opportunity to relax, rejuvenate and get pampered. Startup salons can open their doors with minimal equipment and supplies, while continually reinvesting into the salon as clientele grows.

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