5 Operations and Management Tips to Improve Call Centre Services

  • Bruno Rice
  • August 20, 2020

The skilled economy we live in today has led to businesses evolving, and customers expecting more than the product and services companies offer. They expect high-quality customer service whenever they need it, and they are more than willing to pay for it. This is especially true for B2B businesses. Any call centres’ interaction with customers is a step towards tearing down or building their loyalty towards your brand and products. You can learn more by visiting Extend Communications.

Research has shown that over 62 billion US dollars are lost annually by companies due to poor customer service practices. This number alone should encourage every company today to adopt below management and operations tips to improve their call centres customer service skills:

1. Provide the best training to your staff

Your customer service workforce is the front line of your business. Provide them with the best training and also include on-going coaching and mentorship programs to improve morale. Do everything to equip your staff better and give them the confidence to do their jobs efficiently.

2. Use efficiency and speed-boosting tools

If your company has the best customer service skills with slaggy, slow, and unintuitive operating systems, they will not be able to get information out to customers on time. This leads to poor customer service experiences. As a company decision-maker, ensure that all call centres have updated devices and tools and are well integrated with all other business systems.

3. Use the closed-loop system to collect customer feedback

As a B2B enterprise, how you receive feedback from customers is essential, and what you do with the information is also crucial to retaining your customers’ businesses. The closed-loop system is where the company follows up with customers, especially those with complaints, and let them in on what the company is doing to solve their dissatisfaction and what future policies are put in place to make the customer experience better. The message here is letting the customer know you hear them.

4. Analyze and measure customer feedback

The best way to know how well-trained or how much improvement in your company’s call centre needs is to ask the customers directly. Hand out surveys to track individual performance, customer service metrics, and call centres communication skills. This information will help you understand which areas your team needs improvement.

5. Be smart and well-informed about automation

Customer self-service tools and chat bots can be an effective way to help customers, especially with straightforward challenges and questions. While this can be an excellent way to lighten the call centre’s load, it’s essential to be smart. However, most customers prefer talking to a human on the other end, especially when it’s a pressing or a complex issue.

Leading a customer service department is not an easy task. Everyone seems to know what skills the staff members should adopt, but short on what you should do to lead your team to be the best. Following the above tips will help you take a step towards having a world-class customer service team in your company.

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